Alayubi Feras

Financial analyst, consultant, practice trader

Trading experience and capital management: 6 years.

Trades only with the trend course, often opens the pending warrants. To confirm the transaction uses indicators such as Moving Average 24/8, ADX, Alligator. Tries to take profits on the news or to transfer transaction to breakeven.

Trade profitability: 10-15% per month.


About myself: "My name is Feras, I am from Syria. During my life I have been to many countries, but decided to live in Ukraine. I got a doctor's degree and work in the field of medicine.

I have always been interested in economic news, oil prices and currency.

After a while I realized that I do not what I'm interested in, as I watched the movement of the market more than the development of medicine.

Firstly I began to trade on a demo account, just to try it, but then I realized that I want to engage in trading professionally.

From friends from Ukraine I heard many good things about Finsiter, therefore, I appealed to the company to develop the skills acquired on my own, as well as to talk and get to know professionals and to understand how they work and live.

So, I met with the team practicing traders successfully passed training courses and now I’m trading on my account, as well as helping clients to increase their income.

Many of my clients have become my friends, we often meet and communicate.

I advise everyone who feels the potential and the desire to earn more, please contact me. I am willing to help and to teach each of you how to get a good income correctly, which will change your life for the better!"

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 Alayubi Feras