Technical analysis of the market

Course description

Technical analysis is one of the most popular methods of research and forecasting trade on the currency market. This methodology is based on mathematical calculations and statistical indicators, expressed in graphical form, as well as historical experience and techniques of thousands of traders. This course will introduce you to the theoretical and practical basics of technical analysis and provide the necessary tools for the work on the currency markets. The syllabus includes the study of the principles of construction trends, identification of the "figures" of technical analysis, the determination of the points of opening and closing, Fibonacci levels, "Golden Section" and the application of acquired knowledge in practice. After a successful evaluation of the knowledge you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Plan

1.   Scheme of the technical analysis.
2.   The concept of a true breakout.
3.   Selection of timeframes for trading.
4.   Identification of the technical analysis of the figures.
5.   Opening of the position taking into account the support and resistance lines.
6.   The principle of building the trends and work on them.
7.   Fibonacci levels and "Golden Section".
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