The secrets of the medium-term trading strategies

Course description

Medium-term trading strategies are the most reliable for the Forex trading. They include advantages of long-term and short-term systems, as well as allow to hold the transaction for the day or longer. This course is designed for beginners who prefer to trade indicator trading and want to expand their arsenal of trading strategies with proven and effective medium-term systems. This course is based on a detailed study and testing of three trading strategies using indicators such as Moving Averages, Parabolic SAR, Fractals, and Momentum and RSI oscillators. The complex of trading strategies will help to analyze the market properly in the medium term and to enter the market with minimal risk. Using Momentum and RSI oscillators will accurately determine the direction of the trend in medium and long term, while avoiding "false" change of the trend.

Course Plan

1.   Search outlets trend.
2.   Trade in the breakdown of the power levels.
3.   Trade at the psychological level.
4.   Psychological prices.
5.   History of fluctuations major currency pairs.
6.   Trading up to figures of the technical analysis.
7.   Fibonacci levels as support and resistance.
8.   Find points for medium-term transactions (50 - 200 pm).
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