Professional course on the stock market

Course description

The stock market course is designed for people who want to invest in securities and want to understand the process of buying and selling on the stock market. This course covers all the details of the work with the securities. It is focused on practice, the classes are conducted by the teacher – the practitioner trader. The course consists of 15 lessons, each of which lasts for one hour. At the end of each session, students receive homework, which is necessary to consolidate the material. After completing this course, you will be able to analyze the market and make sales transactions on the stock market without any difficulties.

Course Plan

1.   Tools of the stock market.
2.   Fundamental analysis (part 1).
3.   Fundamental analysis (part 2).
4.   Technical Analysis.
5.   Figures of technical analysis.
6.   MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
7.   Work with warrants.
8.   Computer analysis, trend indicators.
9.   Computer analysis, oscillators.
10.   Candlestick analysis.
11.   Analysis of the financial figures.
12.   Trading tactics on the stock market.
13.   Daily trading.
14.   Formation of the investment portfolio.
15.   Risk-management and trading psychology.
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