Developing personal trading strategy

Course description

Every successful trader has a personal trading strategy. You can use someone else's advice, but only on your individual tactics depends the success and profitability of the trade. Do you want to become a true professional on the financial markets? It's time to find "yourself", hone your skills and get to a stable profit with the help of individual trade. This course is devoted to the development of personal trading strategy based on the experience of professional traders. The strategy is designed to with the individual preferences of the client.

Course Plan

1.   Introduction to the intricacies of the technical analysis.
2.   Introduction to the intricacies of the computer analysis.
3.   Analysis of the short-term trading strategies and tactics.
4.   Analysis of the medium-term trading strategies and tactics.
5.   Analysis of long-term trading strategies and tactics.
6.   Testing of the strategies.
7.   Structuring of the personal strategy.
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