Advanced course on the foreign exchange market

Course description

The Forex market is one of the most promising areas of professional activity that can bring an impressive financial success with proper structured approach. This course is designed for beginners and beginners who want to get an in-depth knowledge base of the trade on the currency market, and fully master the trader's profession as a mainstream activity. The training program includes work with a demo-account on the trading terminal in the MetaTrader-4, and a fundamental computer analysis, the use of modified strategies and tactics, psychology of trading on the financial markets, money-management, and other necessary knowledge and tools. Advanced course further includes a wave analysis, the notion of Gartley pattern and pivot points, the strategy for trading in gold, as well as the development of personal trading strategy. As part of the training, all theory study will be applied in practice with the direct assistance of the teacher. After a successful evaluation of the knowledge you will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Course Plan

1.   Introductory lesson. Introduction to the foreign exchange market.
2.   Types of predicting market movements: fundamental and technical analysis.
3.   The trading terminal. Trend lines. Opening a demo-account.
4.   Fundamental analysis. Warrant types. Pending warrants.
5.   Introduction to the computer analysis. MA and oscillators. Trading system EMA + stoch (RSI).
6.   The modified strategy. Tactics. Fractals.
7.   Fibonacci lines. Using Fibonacci to determine the correction.
8.   "Striving for excellence" strategy.
9.   "Strong levels." Candlestick analysis. Technical analysis in trading.
10.   Folding rule.
11.   Introduction to the wave analysis.
12.   The development of trading strategies up to the student.
13.   Fastening of the material. Developing personal TS.
14.   Trading psychology.
15.   Money-management.
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